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Simcoe Boy Scouts Trumpet Band

1952 - 1958

This page updated:  March 28, 2017

   The Simcoe Boy Scout Trumpet Band was formed on May 12,1953 under the sponsorship of the local Boy Scout Association just three weeks before the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second.  The instruments were loaned by the 25th Medium Regiment of the R.C.A. in Simcoe. With 19 members they paraded in Simcoe, Woodstock, Welland, Hamilton and Norfolk and Brant Counties. Their uniforms were the regular Boy Scout uniforms with at addition of a white lanyard on the left shoulder and a black and gold neckerchief. 


    In April of 1954 the band received 19 new instruments.  The Simcoe Boy Scout Local Association purchased these at a cost of $1,200.00.  A private subscription campaign replaced a good deal of this original outlay to the Association.  The instruments were purchased through the Waterloo Music Co.  The new instruments included:

12 - one valve trumpets (bugles)

6 - snare drums

1 - bass drum


A short time later the band increased their instrument by adding

1 - set of cymbals

2 - sets of bell lyra (glockenspiel)

2 - tenor drums

2 - tenor trumpets (bugles)

2 - baritone trumpets (bugles)



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In 1955 the band entered the Waterloo Music Festival in the Junior Class "B" taking first place Gold Medal. During the years from June 1953 to December 1955 the band played 19 different pieces taking part in the Waterloo Festival again in the Junior B class and took home $100.00 and the gold trophy. 



On the 4th of July 1955 the band went to Warren Pennsylvania and took 3rd place over 18 marching bands.  The Simcoe Boy Scout Trumpet Band were Simcoe's Goodwill Ambassadors for many years until they came under the sponsorship of the Simcoe Optimist Club in 1958 and became the Simcoe Optimist Trumpet Band.


(Information and photos provided by Carl Thompson, Tom Harvey and Fred Kent.  The news paper photos were provided by Fred Kent.)


  Coronation Parade for Queen Elizabeth II, June 2, 1953 in Simcoe, Ontario (their first parade)


Members of the original band, June 2, 1953


Director John K. Potts
Manager: Harold L. Wheeler
Drum Major Frederick Pettigrew


Robert Bryant, snare

James Pond, snare

Donald Smith, snare

William Ryerse, bass


Kieth Ashley

Robert Bonnett

Frederick Daiken

Grant Francis

Robert Gilchrist

Harvey Greer

Thomas Harvey *

Ralph Miller

Gordan Milligan

Bryan Robertson

Gordon Smith

William Taggart

David Ward

George Wheaton

* current marching member of United Alumni




The director was John Potts of the Simcoe High School Air Cadet Band (front left)

Manager was Harold Wheeler of the Simcoe O.P.P. and a Member of the Preston Scout House Band Sgt Major Bill Mates was the drill instructor.


Click on this Simcoe Reformer

news article to read.





In 1955 a Band Executive was formed comprised of members of the Band.  The executive was organized to conduct the internal affairs of the Band.  The first meeting of the Executive was held at First St. James Scout Room on Sunday, March 20, 1955 and at that meeting the following were chosen by election to become the first Band Executive. 


President Fred D. Kent
Vice President William Taggart
Treasurer Robert Bryant
Recording Secretary Larry Rabbitts
Corresponding Secretary Thomas Harvey
Attendance Secretary Harvey Greer


Members December 31, 1955

Director John K. Potts Attendance & Instrument Supervisors Harvey O'Greer
Manager: Harold L. Wheeler
Drum Major Robert Scott    



Robert Bryant

William Taggart

James Jackson

Ted Scrivener

Kenneth Spencer

Gordon Smith


Alan Evans

Frederick Pettigrew


Carl Thompson *


Wayne Selkirk



Terry Buckle

Jack Cronkwright

Marvin Glazier

Richard Lefler

Harvey Pond

Alex Suprun

David Ward

Douglas Wheaton

George Wheaton

Brian Williams


Ernest Lefler


Robert Gilchrist

Thomas Harvey *

Bell Lyra

Fred Kent

Larry Rabbits

Colour Party

Paul Gilbertson

Richard Hickman

Danny Montross

Robert Moore

Jack North

* currently marching in United Alumni



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